Unlock your Mac using your fingerprints (for free)

Keeping your data secure is of utmost important for almost everyone. Whether it is your family photos or financial budget of your company, important of digital data cannot be questioned. Passwords were designed for the same purpose. With time, as different methods for cracking passwords have evolved, passwords have become lengthy, complicated and hence difficult to type and remember.

MacID for iOSApple came up with Touch ID on iPhones about 2 years back with iPhone 5s. It is also available on iPad Air 2 since last year. Touch ID can be used to unlock your iPhone and iPad without having to type the password. You just press the home button gently and the phone unlocks. And this special treatment is specially available for you.

How to use Touch ID to unlock your Mac?

Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you just want to lock your Mac remotely. Even sometimes when someone else is using your computer and you do not want them to and just want the system to lock down. Or may be unlock your computer from a distance for someone without telling them your password. So how do you do this?

The answer is: you would need two apps and bluetooth on them. You would need a Touch ID enabled device (iPad Air 2, iPhone 5s/6/6+) and your Mac (any Mac launched in or after 2012) and switch on bluetooth on them. However, if you have an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 which does not have Touch ID, you will still be able to unlock your Mac using your phone's passcode.

Next download the apps for MacID - one for the desktop and one for iOS. Setting up is really easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Install the desktop app.
  2. Switch on Bluetooth on both your iOS device and your Mac.
  3. Launch the desktop app.
  4. Launch the iOS app.
  5. The desktop app will ask you to enter your password and pair with your iOS device. Do those.
  6. You are ready!

MacID desktop menu

But hey, MacID is paid

Indeed. MacID is normally a paid app. It costs you $3.99. Not today. Not for the next 44 hours (sorry it was 48 hours, but it took time for me to post it here). Just go and install the app, as soon as possible!

Other benefits

Apart from allowing you to unlock Mac using Touch ID, you can also:

  1. Pause and play your iTunes track on Mac.
  2. Set Proximity wake. So when your iOS device gets out of range, Mac would lock/sleep itself down automatically. Now that's neat! You can just forget about locking and unlocking it all the time. Of course this behaviour can be switched on and off.
  3. You can lock and unlock multiple Macs, individually.
  4. You can send clipboard contents of your iOS device to Mac and vice versa. No need to type in complicated OTPs any longer!
  5. Tap to unlock option - you setup a tapping pattern which can also be used to lock/unlock your Mac.

The downside that I could find was just one: every time you change your Mac's password, you have to update the password in the desktop app too. But given the ease it provides, this one simple gesture is not an annoying one.

Go ahead and enjoy the sale of MacID for the limited time. For convenience, here are the links for Desktop and iOS apps. For more such news, keep in touch with us at our facebook page.