5 Things Android Could Have Done Right

Android might be on majority of smartphones right now, but even hardcore Android users will agree that there are somethings that Apple's iOS does better than the competitor.

Backup and restore

Apple's iCloud backup and restore works exactly as it should and almost flawlessly. If you got a new iOS device or did a factory reset, with iCloud backup and restore, even application data is synced and you don't have to worry about starting over again.

This is where Android's backup and restore feature fails miserably. I have tried to restore my device several times and every time lot of apps didn't install back and most of the app data is lost and you have to restore half of the things manually. Therefore, I always think twice before resting my device for any reason. It is just not as painless as iCloud backup. We can at least expect Google to make the process totally seamless where I can just log in to my Google Account and the phone reverts back to it's previous state.