The Best Cloud Solution for End Users - OneDrive

Fact be said, there are just too many cloud solutions out there right now. They all promise great things of which sync your files to the cloud is the most common one. Let's list down the famous ones:

  1. Google Drive
  2. Dropbox
  4. Microsoft OneDrive
  5. Apple iCloud Drive

So which one to choose? There are quite a number of factors to consider. Let's start with the basics - the basic thing that we all want from the Cloud services is the file-syncing service. Important documents, pleasing memories and in some extreme cases - important evidences of certain life-events need to be synced. The importance of those files depends on you but that's the basic thing we need from a cloud service. But there are a lot more things we want. Below, we tell how OneDrive addresses them and excels at them.

Amount of Free Storage Space

Google-Drive-Storage.png Dropbox starts with 2GB (only). Google Drive starts with a 15 GB account but that accounts for your GMail storage as well. So if you get a 20 MB attachment in your GMail, you lose 0.025 GB from your 15 storage in your Google Drive storage. With you start with 10 GB. Apple's iCloud - just 5 gigs.