How Facebook is killing news companies

The benefits of social media are tremendous. And the biggest contributor to it is Facebook. This giant has brought people closer and made the world a really small place. But there are certain limitations to these advantages. One of the most severe implications has been suffered by the news companies. Before we go any further, let us clarify that we are not judging these as good or bad. This is an opinion post and should be taken as such.

Lucrative Lack of Privacy

Due to rampant increase in socialization on online platforms, there has been a complete erosion of privacy. There are certain ‘sensitive’ topics which are dealt in a professional manner by newspapers and broadcast media, maintaining the dignity and privacy of those concerned. Menstruation, pregnancy, birth control- subjects that had earlier been relatively less explored by news companies are now all over the social media.

The freedom afforded to Facebook has unfortunately been denied to news companies. They cannot discuss anything in any manner they like, or comment on any other person’s activities. Since it’s a human tendency to take interest in another person’s secrets, this freedom to Facebook has given it an edge over news companies and is destroying for them their forum of discussion.