DigitalOcean to launch a new Data Center in Bangalore

DigitalOcean has long been known for being one of the cheapest and most reliable places for developers to starting your own server, be it for a building that small wordpress site you wanted at a cheap price or choosing a place to start with your small-to-midsize business. While services like AWS, Azure and Rackspace are what big businesses would go with, DigitalOcean is often the right place to start.

Till now, DigitalOcean has offered a lot of flexibility and choices in terms of Operating System and VPS configurations, an extremely valuable addition to the bunch of things they offer would be coming shortly. In their blog post they have made it clear that their next Data Center will be in India, in the silicon valley of the east (and a city everyone loves, for their unique reasons), Bangalore.

What does that mean for Indian Developers? You can go to the DigitalOcean’s Data Center and choose the server rack where you would like to have your VPS hosted. Nope, not that! Right now, the closest data center DigitalOcean has is in Singapore. That is outside the country. Having a Data Center inside the country would mean that the access times of the sites would be low and your sites will load faster! For developers, it would mean faster code deployments. While it does not happen a lot, a cable being cut in the sea normally slows down the internet for many people within the nation. If the sites are located at a place where the data traffic does not travel via cables laid out in the Ocean, the sites hosted in an Indian Data Center would ensure that the site still works fast enough.

As we see, India, right now, is in a blooming startup phase. A lot of startups choose DigitalOcean for starting out, mostly because the service is good (you would still be doing the same work with AWS/EC2 while throwing away about thrice as much money) and we can start off pretty easily. Most of these startups, naturally serve the local masses and with that said, it would be pretty cool to have the actual servers closer to the developers and the consumers.

While there are a few other features as well that DigitalOcean has promised to launch soon (oh, we are excited about being able to attach more storage to an existing Droplet), but this is a welcome move, and we predict, a beneficial one for everyone. We hope it works out well for everyone. We will try to keep you updated on this. Till then, good bye!