Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 Preview is here

Yes, I know, it has been quite some time that there was a Office For Mac release. Just yesterday, Microsoft has released a new version of the same - Office for Mac 2016. This thing is to be finally launched int he second half of 2015. If history is any indicator of the future, we believe that the release date of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 to be between October and December of 2015 (inclusive).

Microsoft just announced the preview version of Office For Mac 2016 yesterday and flaunts the new UI of Office 2016. It is a dearly awaited release which Microsoft is giving its Mac customers after 5 years of arduous wait. The last time Microsoft did something like this, it turned out to be an utter crap and though they called it 'Wow', it was more popularly knows as just Vista. Of course you cannot have very high hopes with Microsoft's Previews and Betas (when the company is well known to released half-baked products in the name of final releases), but my hopes are high. Though there is hardly anything new that you can introduce into an office suite, a new UI is surely very welcome and an update to the dictionary is welcome. After all, Facebook has since become a proper noun!

Downloading Microsoft Office

Since the release of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 yesterday, there has been a huge swarm for Downloads. Microsoft Servers are almost bleeding and download speeds are extremely slow all over the world. However, there are people who have uploaded the setup file elsewhere. We found a link and the download speeds are good when you download from these links. Here they are:

  1. Link - 1
  2. Link - 2 (This should be faster)

We will be adding to this list as we get to know more such links. If you find the download speeds falling down, please let us know in the comments (below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is possible for you (or anyone) to suspect that there might be malware/viruses in the downloaded files. To confirm, you must run a checksum on the downloaded file. The checksums must match the following checksums (of the original download provided by MS):

MD5: e9897620768f589443c10813aaf164ec SHA1: 92910f163966967ead1bc669e2db0a1fefa83c58

Review for Microsoft Office for Mac 2016

We look forward to reviewing Office for Mac 2016 ourselves and once that is ready, we will update it here. Enjoy the new release.

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